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Fast food market outlook

Fast food market outlook

Not many countries can claim to be as diverse and multicultural as the UK is today. The British society has grown into a hotspot for people of different religions, ethnic origins and social backgrounds. Tastes and trends have changed and continue to change; as a result new markets have emerged, bringing new opportunities to investors.

Riding on the crest of these cultural shifts is Rajas, a forward thinking fast food brand with its roots in tradition. Our primary selection of pizzas, burgers and fried chicken for a newly viable growing Asian market has tapped into the diverse tastes of our vibrant society, providing breathtaking recipes aimed at customers looking for a great taste whilst experiencing something just that little different.

Expanding into new horizons

Rajas is looking to expand its horizons through the creation of our modern new look outlets. These facilities are equipped with modern colourful designs and open space which is both attractive and welcoming to people of all ages. The success of our exclusive outlets has enabled Rajas to open branches that cater and bring together the communities they serve, from children coming in after school to buy kids meals with parents, to students and working professionals buying burgers or jacket potatoes for lunch, or the elder members of the community taking home freshly-made pizzas and ice creams to their families as a special treat. We’ve watched with pride and pleasure as our stores have ingrained themselves into the communities that they grace. Through the creation of our franchises we hope to expand and build on the success of our business all over the UK.



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